Vehicle/Motorcycle shipping

Our trucks run locally and state to state and will pickup up and deliver your vehicle/s as scheduled. In the event that non of our truck is on your route, we post your vehicle through our network, including all National Auto Transport Boards. This is where all licensed auto transport carriers can see your vehicle is available for shipping.

We present offers from FMCSA Licensed and Insured Carriers. When you accept an offer, we send your service agreement that guarantees the price, door-to-door service and insurance. There are never any hidden fees.




Not until you approve your carrier and final logistics is your deposit due. Your deposit is included in your quote and goes toward the total price. The remaining balance is due at time of delivery. Nothing gets done without your approval.



Your driver will contact you prior to your pickup and delivery dates to schedule a time for loading and unloading. Once your vehicle reaches its destination, you do a final inspection of your vehicle and pay the driver the remaining balance. You and the driver both sign the Bill of Lading and each keep a copy.